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Cuore Rosso Bio

The tomato sauce “Cuore Rosso” is produced with Delpho tomatoes, a red berried variety, which are famous for the firm flesh and the delicate taste. The cooperative that produces it is based near Foggia and guarantees the organic short chain by sowing, looking after fields and processing products as soon as possible. Ripe at the right point, tomatoes are immediately washed in order to preserve testes, scents and nutritional properties. After washing and initial screening, tomatoes are treated with steam to remove the skin and then they are chopped and concentrated. The product is treated at high temperatures, bottled and pasteurised in order to guarantee the stability over time. From field to production, tomatoes organoleptich qualities are costantly under control and verified in order to give a sweet and unmistakable flavour of sun–ripened tomatoes to the sauce.