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Oltre Mare is our new brand of fishery product manufactured by a company of Syracuse. It has been working and producing for four generation in compliance with Sicilian tradition. The two specialities proposed are tuna and mackerel , preserved in both water and salt and organic extra virgin olive oil. The respect for the local culinary tradition is at the base of all the working process connected with sea and conservation of species: the farm is first in line in order to give the best products in taste and flavour. This has been always our strength. The attention for quality starts with raw materials selection , carries on with processing products (fishes are cleaned up manually without preserving agents and flavour enhancers),and ends with firing and packaging. Every step of the whole productive process takes place in compliance with the strictest rules of food safety. In the last few years this farm has invested in technology ,and it has improved the quality of process providing a constant balance between innovation and the respect of tradition.